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Learning & Cognitive Assessment

IQ and cognitive assessment for children and adolescents using a strength based, positive psychology approach. 

I Learn for Life provides cognitive, IQ assessment and support for children and teenagers, their parents and educators. We adopt a strength-focused, neuropsychological approach to help identify, assess and support young people to overcome their challenges and navigate a positive path forward.

Rosie is a Psychologist and Educational Consultant with a Masters Degree in Learning Science and Technology. She combines formal and informal, learning and cognitive assessment to help children, and teenagers develop the skills to learn for life, overcoming the obstacles that get in the way of developing a confident learning identity.  

Rosie adopts a holistic approach to identify learning challenges and help develop learning capacity in individuals. This includes cognitive and IQ assessments such as the WPPSI-IV and WIAT as well as informal learning styles assessments. Rosie works out of rooms in Brisbane or travels to your location/school. She also works online for adolescent/parent and educator groups.  Learn more about Rosie here


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Thanks for getting in touch! I will follow up as soon as I can. Please be aware that I am on maternity leave until June 2022. However, I will still make contact with you regarding your enquiry. 

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