Do you struggle to find the time and energy to help your child with their learning? 

Does your child struggle with:

  • Engagement in school?

  • Anxiety related to learning?

  • Lack of resilience?

  • Challenges with subject areas?

  • Motivation to learn?

  • Specific diagnosed learning challenge?

Do you want your child:

  • To be an independent thinker and learner?

  • To enjoy and engage in learning?

  • Discover their strengths and passions?

  • Become a happy, engaged and confident learner?

  • Leave school with a well rounded education to increase their choices for their future?

If you answered 'yes' to at least two of the above questions then I Learn for Life's coaching program is the solution for your child.

Who are we?

I Learn for Life offer online coaching sessions designed to help your child learn-how-to-learn. These interactive and personalised sessions help your child discover their own unique learning preferences with an individual report.


This report is then used within the context of a subject or learning area your child is struggling with (e.g. essay writing, times-tables, getting on with the teacher). Strategies and learning frameworks are also taught to help your child engage in school and improve their capacity. 

Why attend coaching sessions opposed to 'tutoring' sessions?

  • Coaching sessions are run by a psychologist with the aim of understanding how you learn from a psychological perspective

  • Coaching sessions aim to teach learning skills holistically that can then be applied to all other subject areas

  • Coaching sessions not only aim to support a child's learning capacity but help them to develop the ability to self-regulate their own learning environment, helping them to help themselves to improve learning capacity

  • This type of session is suited to being conducted in an online environment meaning there is no travel involved

  • Everyone is born with an innate capacity to learn, however this can be stifled based on individual learning experiences. These sessions aim to re-engage this innate capacity within us all. 

  • They are run in 6 week blocks aiming to develop a student's capacity in a specific school related area rather than on-going sessions run every term. 

What is the outcome of the program?

  • Increased self-awareness resulting in children's discovery of strengths and passions related to learning

  • Development of strategies to support personal learning challenges  

  • Tools and resources to apply learning strategies to future learning challenges

  • Improvement in school grades

    • Essay writing mark improvement from 12/20 to 16/20 as a result of the 6 sessions (Grade 9 student)

    • Creative writing improvement from 10/20 to 19/20 as a result of the coaching program insights (Year 12 student)

    • Student's report increased confidence in learning (e.g. I use to think I couldn't do this stuff, now I know I can (Year 6 student) and 'I use to think I was dumb, now I know I learn differently and I feel smart" (Year 5 student)

How does it work?

I Learn for life offers an online coaching program in 6 week blocks. Within the course learners develop and understanding of their learning preferences and apply these insights to a school or learning based challenge. All your child needs is an internet connection, desktop computer and the desire to improve their learning capacity. 

Session 1: Understanding myself as a learner

Session 2: Reviewing my learning environment

Session 3: A model for effective learning

Session 4: Applying a learning model to a school challenge (e.g. report writing) 

Session 5: Reviewing my progress

Session 6: Planning ahead - applying what I have learned to other learning challenges

For a free introduction book here.